November 18, 2017

Altered Wooden Box

Hi everyone. Nicole here, with a fun project! I've had this little wooden box sitting on my desk for quite some time now with plans of altering it some way... However, I wasn't sure exactly what to do. I've never altered a wooden box before. So I grabbed the supplies I had on hand. Gesso, Blue Color Bloom Mist, Prima Mould from the October Kit, Wax Paste, a stencil and a metal heart.

Before I did anything, I coated the wooden box in gesso. The Bad Girls Couture Gesso is fab!! It went on so smooth; totally easy to work with. Once the gesso dried, I used a stencil and Shimmerz Pasteez to create a fun design for the bottom of the box. I did not actually spray the bottom with the Color Bloom until the stencil dried. For the top of the box, I formed my Mould using Paper Clay, added a coat of gesso along the front of the box then placed the Mould on top of the Gesso very carefully. I did not wait for it to harden for 24 hours... I simply pressed it on top of the box so it would stick to the gesso. It cracked a little when it finally hardened up, but that just adds to the charm. I used a tiny paintbrush to add some color within the grooves. I coated the metal heart with gesso. Once it dried, I added some color to it. Then I used the Wax Paste and a paper towel to add color to the top of the Mould and the latch. LOVE how this turned out. I am so happy with how this project turned out. It was not as hard as I thought it would be and it was very therapeutic for me.

I noticed that the bottom paste was sticking to my metal desk because the house has been so hot... so I came up with  a better solution for the bottom! I coated four metal knobs by Prima Marketing Inc. using the Wax Paste. Once dry, I used Gesso to adhere the knobs to the bottom of the box so the box would stand on my desk. :) I am crafty like that! My 7 year old son saw the box and commented on how pretty it looked. I smiled and said, "thanks, babe!"

What do you think? Are you ready to see what you have available in your house to alter? I am already looking to alter a few frames and wooden objects in my house! Thanks for visiting today! I believe we still have a few subscriptions to Bad Girls Couture! I love the kits because each month, you get something new... technique related that you can use for several projects.

Thanks for visiting today!
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November 15, 2017

Plan Like A Bad Girl!!

Friends! I have some exciting news to share with you. Bad Girls Couture is now offering planner kits and they are LUSH! This kit is filled with everything to get your plans started... Click here to see the full kit!

I've been playing with mine and LOVE it! My favorite part of this kit besides the adorable charm is the dividers that can be colored! SWOON. I used watercolor pencils and stamps to create this fun spread! I used a marker to color the girl's lips. Oh, and isn't that stamp (tattoo) on her shoulder badass?!!

I decorated the dashboard with a few bow clips and magnetic clips to add color. The "Bad Girls" tag was actually cut from the Bad Girls Post Card that I received with the fist kit!

I tucked a few altered tags behind the dashboard to make it fun. And I seriously cannot get enough of the adorable charm!! This kit just screams BAD GIRL!!! Wendy did a fantastic job putting this together.

I actually use my planner for plans... not just art. :) :) I jot down reminder notes, grocery list... whatever my heart desires.

Isn't this adorable. I am still working on a few more pages. Once they are complete, I promise to share them!

I used a variety of washi and stamps for this spread. For the "Don't forget to fly" stamp, I used markers to color it in. LOVE this stamp I bought a few weeks ago.

So, what do you think? You need this kit right!? Especially if you're a bad girl like me. :) Don't wait long because they will be flying off the shelves! Click here to get yours today.

Thanks for visiting!!
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These are the momements

Good morning! There's not much going on around here; same ole, same ole. LOL, however, I do want to share this layout I created using lots of products by Pinkfresh Studio. They are my favorite... Love the quality of their products and their designs.

I've had the Escape the Ordinary collection sitting on my desk for a few weeks now, but didn't really have any pictures to scrap. I don't like using the same pictures over and over again... I try to use recent photos on my projects unless I am scrapbooking for a magazine call that requires certain themed photos.

My sister Katie posted these adorable photos this weekend and I couldn't wait to scrapbook them. She is finishing her last year at University of Maryland. So proud of this girl... She is beautiful inside and out. I love her spunkiness, her beauty and her personality. She's smart and crafty like me too. And she's the baby of the family. :)

I LOVE butterflies so naturally, I had to use this adorable butterfly die cut. I love the black and gold. It's looks so striking on this layout.

Not much to journal by hand on this layout... since it was a fall photo shoot. And since I always like to have some type of journaling on a layout... I decided to use the word sentiments from the die cuts to tell the story for me.

Another favorite element I like to use on my layouts is stars. I love stars... I cut the stitched gold star off the tag to use on this layout.

I felt that the top right photo was just hanging and needed something... so I added a few epoxy sticker triangles and another star using a foam square.

I have to agree... Life is better when you're laughing! Never forget that... no matter how many curve balls life throws at you.


What do you think? Isn't she adorable? I can't believe I managed to add four photos on to this 8 1/2"x11" layout!

Thanks for visiting today!
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November 13, 2017

Fabric Mini Book

Happy Monday! I've been anxiously waiting to share this little mini album with you! I just love the October Bad Girls Couture Kit. Have you checked out their kits? They are fabulous! I was inspired by these colors and the kit has a few of these colors in a deeper hue. I added a touch of gold to make these colors pop!
Pinterest Inspiration

I used the packaging from the 7gypsies tins as inserts for the mini book. This mini album is 3"x3". I love making this size mini because it's super easy and it works great for those of you who can't seem to throw your scraps out. Hey, I am not picking on you... I am the same way!

I used gesso to adhere the fabric to the packaging to use as theand back of the mini book. I cut several pieces of patterns from the Prima Paper to use as inserts and photo mats for the mini.

Once the gesso was somewhat dry, I used scissors to cut the excess fabric from the edges.

And because I am always looking for ways to save trees and recycle... I cut the little words from the packaging to use as embellishments for the mini album.

Here are my little pages.

Here are a few close-ups:

I used my Bind-It-All to bind the pages together. I can't remember the last time I used it. I finally dusted it off and put it to good use.

I used a little piece of transparency... sparingly. I am hording the rest.

The photos are all 2"x2" (maybe a little smaller).

And here is the cover. Nothing too fancy... I wanted to keep it simple!

Remember, the next time you are about to throw those scraps away... you can maybe make a little mini book instead! They make great gifts.

Thanks for stopping by today!
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November 10, 2017


Hi everyone. I just realized that I never shared my favorite Halloween photos with you! Edward and Pete had so much fun scaring people this year. LOL, Edward decided two weeks before Halloween that he wanted daddy to be It the clown, and he'd be Georgie, the ordinary boy...His words, not mine. He is so funny. I wasn't too thrilled with this idea, considering, most people are afraid of clowns. Grown adults are scared...LOL

And no, he hasn't seen It. He is only 7, however, the little genius knows how to Google everything... so he found the trailer and watched it. CREEPY. I can't even watch the trailer without getting creeped out. See... grown adults are even afraid of clowns, including myself. Here are my favorite photos from Halloween night! I got some good ones.

We went trick or treating with Edward's friends from school, Wyatt and Cooper. They had a blast.

Pete kept jumping out at Billy... scaring the crap out of the boy guy. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA All Billy wanted to do was eat his skittles.

Edward and Sydney. Don't' they look like sweet little angels. :)
One of my favorite houses all decorated. The windows are actually eyes... but you can't really tell... and ghost.
The gutter...
Love these little lanterns made from brown paper bags!!
LOVE the orange... very cool house.
If you looked out your window and saw this... you'd be creeped out right? lol
Especially, if this thing ran out at you. HAHA
This picture is so eerie....
Last house... the kids were ready to go home. This was one of our friend's house. Pete wanted to scare them. LOL
Edward got a lot of candy! Toby wanted some...
Edward put notes on his candy then stuck them in the fridge so I wouldn't eat them. :) They are still there.... in the fridge, untouched... 2 weeks later.
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